All drivers are required to upload a clear and unencumbered profile picture to be considered for approval. In short, your profile picture should be of driver’s license quality topped with a friendly smile. 


See our guidance below on the profile picture screening process: 


  1. Background: Must be in an evenly lit environment without any other person or encumbrance. 
  2. Positioning: Must begin with and include shoulders; end at the crown of head. 
  3. Encumbrance: Any person, place or thing that is not the intended target of the picture.
  4. Smile: Set the #Vibe with your profile picture by smiling – tips depend on it!
  5. Direction of Picture: Must be taken in a horizontally. 
    1. Vertical / Landscape pictures are not acceptable.
  6. Color: Must be in color; black and white pictures are not acceptable. 
  7. Altered/Filtered/Cropped Pictures: Not acceptable.