In short, although Vibe Rides has and maintains the necessary insurances to operate in the rideshare space, drivers and delivery-partners are required to maintain comprehensive and liability insurance. 


Additionally, we recommend driver and delivery-partners obtain commercial coverage or advise their insurer that they are engaging in rideshare services. In some instances, failure to advise the insurer may result in loss of coverage and/or higher rates.


Reference: Driver Agreement




10.1 You must at all times comply, at your expense, with your legal obligations in respect of insurance (including but not limited to compulsory third party motor vehicle insurance for any vehicle used to provide Transportation Services) and maintain, at your expense, such other policies as someone providing point to point Transportation Services would prudently maintain including but not limited to a valid comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy with a rideshare extension for any vehicle used to provide Transportation Services, and a general liability insurance policy at levels which satisfy: 


  1. The minimum requirements that apply to the operation of private passenger vehicles on public roads in the jurisdiction in which you are approved to provide Transportation Services 
  2. The provision of Transportation Services and any other services contemplated by these Terms; and 
  3. Any other minimum standards imposed by Vibe Rides (as notified by Vibe Rides from time to time) 


10.2 In order for Vibe Rides to monitor your compliance with these requirements, you will, upon request by Vibe Rides, provide copies of any relevant insurance policies and/or other proof of insurance. 


10.3 If, at any time, you cease to hold a required insurance policy, you must immediately notify Vibe Rides of this change in your circumstances.