A drivers Cancellation Rate is a process that takes place behind the scenes in-app when a driver accepts a fare and then subsequently cancels that same fare. The calculation the system uses is based on a ratio of the number of fares a driver accepts and the number of fares the driver cancels on a daily basis.  

                                                                # of Accepted Fares by Day


                                                                # of Cancelled Fares by day

If your cancellation rate is higher than the minimum average cancellation rate in your city, you will be notified via email (or in-app) notification. Drivers will have 30 days from the date of notification to improve their rating and bring it to an above satisfactory rating. The improvement must, at minimum, meet and/or exceed the previous minimum average referenced in the notification. Upon completion of your "Notification Period," you will be notified via email (or in-app) notification of our decision to "re-activate" or "permanently disqualify" your account. 

Those who fail to improve their cancellation rate within the allotted time may lose access to the Vibe Rides - Rider app.