Due to the high quality of service we expect Driver-Partners to provide to Riders, we strongly encourage Driver-Partners to maintain a low cancellation rate. A driver may be suspended or permanently disqualified for poor service. 


What Do We Mean By Poor Service? 

We measure quality of service using two critical metrics: Passenger Ratings and Cancellation Rates. 

  1. Passenger Ratings: Passengers are able to rate drivers after every trip on a 5 point scale, with one being the worst and five being best.
    1. Passenger ratings are averaged based on 100 completed fares. 
    2. That means when you begin driving, it's important that you routinely prepare to set the #Vibe to get the best rating. 
      1. On hot days, place new unopened bottles of water in the Rider area. 
      2. If you're driving during lunch hours, maybe consider placing individually wrapped mints in the Rider area.                       
  2. Cancellation Rates: The ratio of request accepted and subsequently cancelled by a driver. 
    1. When a fare is accepted and subsequently cancelled, the Driver-Partner will have to select why they are cancelling the riders request. 
    2. The Vibe Rides - Driver app and platform automatically calculates the cancellation rates of drivers based on the reason they selected for the cancellation. 
    3.  Example: A driver accepts 10 requests in one day but only completed five (5), the cancellation rate would be 50%.

Driver accounts with patterns of excessively low Passenger Ratings, Cancellation Rates or both may be suspended and permanently disqualified if the behavior continues.