Accepting the Request & Setting the Vibe

You can #SetTheVibe the moment you receive and accept a riders request. Once accepted, you will see the riders profile picture along with their preferred climate settings, genre of music and level of conversation. Prior to arriving to the passenger, to ensure high ratings, #SetTheVibe.

Navigate to Rider:

Select the "Navigate" feature once a fare has been accepted to navigate to your passenger. You will have to select the navigation app of your preference on your first ride. 

Nearby Alert:

When you're within three (3) minutes of arriving to your passenger, they will receive an in-app notification letting them you that you're nearby. Just as you're looking for your passenger, they're looking for you so be patient. 

In the event that you are unable to find the rider (using their profile picture as a reference), Driver-Partners are required to make at least three (3) attempts to contact the passenger by using the in-app "Contact" feature. 

To qualify for an "Arrival Without Pickup" credit, a Driver-Partner must make three (3) in-app contact attempts and wait a minimum of five (5) minutes.

Picking Up the Rider

When you believe you've identified the Rider and before they enter your vehicle, Driver-Partners are required to verify and confirm that the persons name matches the name on the passengers request. 

Once the passenger has confirmed their name and entered the vehicle, Driver-Partners are required to:

  • Verify the passengers drop-off destination has been entered accurately
  • Confirm there are no "in-between" stops
  • Ask the passenger if they have a preferred route of travel
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