Driver-Partners must adhere to local regulations regarding use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle. In the spirit of our commitment to safety, Driver-Partners are prohibited from placing/making calls while "ONLINE" and an active fare is in session. We encourage Driver-Partners to inform their friends and family before they go online to reduce potential interruptions to a riders #Vibe.

Non-Priority Calls

If during the course of an active fare, a Driver-Partner receives a non-priority call, they should do their best to end the call as quickly as possible so as not to interrupt the navigational guidance systems being used by the app. 

Priority Calls

We understand unforeseen occurrences happen to us all. If during the course of an active fare a Driver-Partner receives a priority call, they should:
  1. Inform the Rider: Let the rider know that you have a priority call coming through and to please excuse you for a moment. 
  2.  Assess the Priority: Brevity is important and these calls should be limited to three (3) minutes or less. 
    1. Does this priority require you to end your current ride? If so, are you and the Rider in a safe place?
    2. Is this a priority that I can address when I finish my current fare? 
  3. Reconnect with Rider: Apologize to the Rider and continue the fare if you are able. 
    1. If you are unable to complete the fare, apologize to the Rider for the inconvenience, explain to them that a personal emergency has arisen and you will not be able to complete their fare. Negotiate a secure and well-lit drop-off location in close proximity and take the passenger to the newly agreed location. 
    2. The Rider will have the opportunity to submit a new Vibe Rides request.