Reference: Driver Agreement - Section §22 General Terms 
How Vibe Rides Enforces Our Guidelines
“... all drivers and delivery partners wanting to use the Vibe Rides apps undergo a screening process, including motor vehicle record and background checks. A driver or delivery partner will lose access to their Vibe Rides account(s) if a routine motor vehicle record or background check uncovers a violation of Vibe Rides Guidelines or other criteria required by local regulators.”
Vibe Rides partners with Veritable Screening in order to complete a background check on all Driver-Applicants and Vibe Rides Independent Representatives. At minimum, Driver-Applicants should expect the background check to cost $*.


Veritable Screening will be investigating the below components for each Driver-Applicant:

  • Social Security Number Trace (SSN Validation & Previous Address History)
  • County Criminal Records in the past seven years (felony/misdemeanor/pending case)
  • National Criminal Records in the past seven years (felony/misdemeanor/pending case)
  • Sex Offender Registry Search in all 50 States
  • Excluded Parties & Sanctions Search (Terrorism Watch List, FBI Most Wanted, Etc.)
  • Motor Vehicle / Driving Records Search


If you have any questions regarding a background check completed by Veritable Screening or wish to dispute the findings, please contact 


*Please note:  Additional fees will apply if a Driver-Applicant has a previous address history in or around New York City (New York Office of Court Administration) and/or U.S. territories. If any of these jurisdictions are noted during the background check process, Veritable Screening will contact the Driver-Applicant (by email and by phone) requesting an additional $98 to complete the necessary searches.


Additional fees will apply as below:




Puerto Rico


U.S. Virgin Islands


New York


Driver-Applicant must complete MVR form for processing


While we don’t have an exhaustive list of offenses that would make an applicant ineligible to become a Driver-Partner, the below provides some examples of what may cause a Driver-Partner to become “Deactivated” if approved:

- Pending/Active Driver’s License suspension - DUI offense(s)
- Violent criminal offenses
- Sexual criminal offenses

- Physical contact offenses 
- Discriminatory conduct                                                        
- More than five (5) traffic violations within any three (3) year period before being approved as a driver and subsequently thereafter.

Refunds: Request for refunds on background checks must be submitted within 24 hours after an applicant has authorized the background check. Due to the fact that we begin processing background checks soon after they are authorized, we are unable to refund the background and motor vehicle check fees from authorization. Also, the state the background check is issued in does not allow for refunds. We have no control of the state (s) rules and process regarding background checks.