Drivers may choose to install and use video cameras, dash cams, or other recording devices to record rides or otherwise for the purpose of fulfilling transportation services. Local law or regulations may require individuals using recording equipment in vehicles to fully disclose to riders that they are being recorded in or around a vehicle and obtain consent. 

Please check local regulations in your city to determine if these apply.  

Based on all relevant Texas and Florida laws, using dashboard cameras in vehicles is legal. There are no rules or regulations which forbid recording audiovisual footage while driving. 


As long as, you keep your recording device focused on the road and not specific individuals, their privacy can be reasonably protected, as can your legal rights. 


Some states do not permit recording other people, as it is considered a violation of privacy or even a violation of state’s wiretapping laws. In Texas you can legally record conversations you are part of. In other words, at least one party of a conversation must be aware or consent to being recorded. 


Many dashboard cameras have the capability to record audio. It is illegal to record conversations. Simply mute audio recording to completely avoid any legal ramifications. 


If traveling out of state make sure you review local state laws, as recording audio may be illegal in some parts of US. We recommend contacting your local law enforcement and asking them directly to ensure you are completely within the law. 


Two very important rules to keep in mind:

  1.  Never record conversations between people who are not aware they’re being recorded. 
  2. Make sure you have proper signage displayed that you have a video recording device in your vehicle.                        

More importantly, make sure dashboard cameras are placed in a way that does not hinder or obstruct your view of the road on any side. Make sure its placement also does not obstruct any air bags or your 


Broadcasting or live streaming a person’s image, audio, or video recording is strictly prohibited.