Effective: 07 December 2019           

You entered into a Technology Services Agreement with Vibe Direct, LLC or one of its affiliates (“Company”, “ we ” or “ us ”) for the use of the Vibe Rides Services in connection with your Transportation Services (as amended, the “ Agreement ”). This is an addendum to that Agreement and sets forth additional terms and conditions that are applicable to you because you have opted in to receive gratuities through the Services. To the extent this addendum conflicts with any portion of the Agreement, the terms of this addendum shall control. Capitalized terms used herein but not defined shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement, and for the purposes of this addendum, “ Ride ” shall have the same meaning as “Transportation Services” and “Rider” shall have the same meaning as “User”. Except where modified, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain unchanged. By clicking “Yes, I agree”, you agree to be bound by the additional terms below.     

You may receive gratuities from Riders through the Services. Any such gratuities are provided at the sole discretion of a Rider, and we do not guarantee that you will receive gratuities from Riders. Gratuities paid to you by a Rider are your property and shall be remitted to you along with Fares and other amounts ( e.g., Tolls, taxes, fees, etc.) that you may be entitled to receive for your Rides (collectively, “Driver Funds”). 


In some cases, you may have entered into separate agreements that allow us or one of our business partners to auto-deduct from your Driver Funds in order to pay for products or services ( e.g., vehicle finance payments, vehicle rental or lease payments, mobile device usage charges, etc.). If you accept gratuities through the Services, you expressly agree that we and/or our business partners may continue to deduct any amounts you owe from Driver Funds, in accordance with those agreements (for clarity, including from any gratuities you may receive). You also agree that your Driver Funds (for clarity, including any gratuities) may be used to satisfy a court order of garnishment against you.