As part of our commitment to safety, we may temporarily suspend or permanently disqualify drivers by deactivating a driver's account. However, we recognize this may have a significant financial impact on drivers and so we have created a Driver Suspension and Disqualification Policy to provide guidance and allow drivers to clearly understand when and why we would suspend or deactivate a driver's account. The policy isn’t intended to capture every possible reason for deactivating a driver's account but in general, the policy provides a useful guide on the standards and expectations we have of drivers and the circumstances and behaviors that may result in suspension or disqualification as a driver.                        


Quality of Service 


We expect a high quality of service from our drivers. That means drivers are professional, respectful and courteous with every rider, every time. We understand that not every rider experience will be positive but when that fare ends, so should the negative experience; try your best not to take that negative energy to your next rider. 

After really challenging rider experiences, some drivers have found it best to "Go Offline," to take a break and then get back "ONLINE".  


What Do We Mean By Poor Service

We measure quality of service using two important metrics: passenger ratings and cancellation rates. 

  1. (i)  Passenger ratings: Passengers are able to rate drivers after every trip with a rating.                              

    (ii)  Cancellation rates: The Vibe Rides driver app and platform calculates the cancellation rates of drivers. The cancellation rate refers to the ratio of requests accepted but cancelled by a driver to requests accepted. For example, if a driver accepts 10 requests, and only completes 5, the cancellation rate is 50%.                             

(b) When a driver's account may be deactivated: We may suspend or deactivate a driver's account based on poor service, as reflected in poor passenger ratings or high cancellation rates. We consider such deactivation is necessary as negative ratings and cancelled journeys affect passengers’ interests and may affect Vibe Rides reputation.                        

    (i)  Illegal/anonymous pick-ups 

  4. (ii)  Requesting a passenger exit the vehicle after the passenger has met the vehicle or before the vehicle gets to the destination without a legitimate reason (such as the passenger acting unlawfully)
  5. (iii)  Discouraging passengers from using the Vibe Rides app and platform,                             

    (iv)  Breaching any of Vibe Rides policies or standards or soliciting payments from passengers outside of the Vibe Rides payment system.