In general, riders cannot be charged cleaning fees for shedding by their service animals. 

Timeline of Infraction Escalation

First Incident 

A rider will not be charged for the first reported incident involving a service animal’s bodily fluids.

Second Incident 

A rider will not be charged for the second reported incident involving a service animal’s bodily fluids.

The rider will receive an "Excessive Incident" notification via email (or in-app notification) reminding the rider that service animals must use the restroom prior to entering a drivers vehicle to avoid future incidents. Future incidents will incur a cleaning fee that is assessed to the rider within seven (7) days from the date of the incident or when the incident was reported, whichever is first.

Third Incident & Beyond 

A rider will be charged a cleaning and service fee for the third reported mess (or beyond) involving a service animal’s bodily fluids and their account may be temporarily suspended. If a riders account is suspended for excessive incident reports, the suspension will not exceed 30 days. 

Contesting or Disputing Fees

When 'cleaning fees' are assessed to a riders account, the rider receives an email notification. There may be instances in which a rider may contest that such a mess was created by them or even existed. Drivers are strongly encouraged to take pictures immediately after the fare is completed. 

If a rider contests the cleaning fee, Vibe Rides will make a reasonable good faith effort to determine whether a mess occurred, to what extent and seek a resolution based on the evidence and community policies.    

File Your Claim

  1.  Complete the 'Vibe Rides Claim Form' in its entirety. 
    1. Incident Number: The ticket number assigned to you after you have submitted your claim form and supporting documentation 
    2. Be detailed and specific: Some details to include are the events leading up to how the mess was created or the vehicle damaged.  
  2. Upload Photos and Supporting Documentation
    1. Photos: The photos you submit with your claim form should be in as well-lit conditions as possible. 
    2. Supporting Documentation: Quotes / Estimates for repair(s) or cleaning
  3. Submit Your Incident
    1. From your email account, create a new email and upload the information outlined in Steps 1 & 2
    2. Email to: