Effective Date: 7 December 2019


Reference: Driver Agreement - Section §22 General Terms - How Vibe Rides Enforces Our Guidelines
“... all drivers and delivery partners wanting to use the Vibe Rides apps undergo a screening process, including motor vehicle record and background checks. A driver or delivery partner will lose access to their Vibe Rides account(s) if a routine motor vehicle record or background check uncovers a violation of Vibe Rides Guidelines or other criteria required by local regulators.”

Vibe Rides requires Driver-Partners to submit to and pay for a
background and motor vehicle record check at the time they
submit their application. While there is no set rate, at minimum
a Driver-Partner applicant should expect to pay $25.00 USD. The
fee varies by state and jurisdiction and this rate is not set by
Vibe Rides.

While we don’t have an exhaustive list of offenses that would
make an applicant ineligible to become a Driver-Partner, the
below provides examples of what will cause a Driver-Partner to
become “Deactivated” if approved:

- Pending/Active Driver’s License suspension - DUI offense(s)
- Violent criminal offenses
- Sexual criminal offenses

- Physical contact offenses - Discriminatory conduct                                                         - More than three (3) traffic violations within any five (5) year period before being approved as a driver and subsequently thereafter.