Effective: 07 December 2019        


After every trip, drivers and riders are able to rate each other on a scale of one to five stars, as well as give feedback on how the trip went. This feedback system improves accountability and helps create a respectful, safe, and transparent environment for everyone. Drivers can see their current rating in the Feedback section of the app. 


If you are a driver, your rating is an average rating based on your last 500 rated trips, or from the total number of rated trips if you haven’t had 500 rated trips yet. 


If your rating is lower than the minimum average rating in your city, we will let you know. Drivers that don’t meet the minimum average rating for their city may lose access to the Vibe Rides app. 


If you’re looking to keep your average rating high, it’s helpful to be courteous and respectful to all people while using the Vibe Rides apps. Drivers using the Vibe Rides app typically provide excellent service to their riders and most riders are courteous and respectful, so most trips run smoothly. But we know that sometimes a trip or delivery doesn’t go well—that’s why your rating is an average rating.